A Parliamentary Evaluation Agency in France

  1.    In June 2018, the French Parliament’s Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group recommended creation of an autonomous Parliamentary Evaluation Agency.

  1.    The agency would be formed in October 2018* with an initial staff of nine people and a start-up budget of 500,000 Euros (about $750,000 CDN).

  1.    The proposed agency would eventually have a budget of 5.1 million Euros ($7.6 M CDN) and 40 full-time staff. It would focus on assessing the potential impact of proposed laws and the impact after implementation.

  1.    Background: In 2008, France’s Parliament was assigned responsibility for overseeing and evaluating public policies. Article 24 of the Constitution states [unofficial translation] “Parliament decides law by vote; it controls the actions of government; and it evaluates public policy.” The new agency would help Parliament fulfill its evaluation mandate.

  1.    The agency would be positioned between Parliament and Government. The subjects to be  evaluated could be determined by either the government or the opposition.

  1.    The agency’s head would be appointed for a 5-year period.

    Source: https://www.evaluationvigie.fr/bientot-une-agence-parlementaire-devaluation/

    * An internet search on November 22, 2018 yielded no information on the current status of the proposed new agency.