An Evaluator General for Canada

This site is supported by a group of Canadians who want parliamentarians, the media and the public to have balanced, credible and timely information on the effectiveness of federal government expenditures. 

At present, the Auditor General determines whether public money is being spent properly and the Parliamentary Budget Officer checks the accuracy of government’s expenditure estimates. However, no one advises Parliament on the extent to which government’s programs and policies are effectively designed and delivering expected results.

An Evaluator General will complement the work of the Auditor General and Parliamentary Budget Officer by providing unbiased information to help Parliament assess the actual or potential impacts of programs and policies under consideration.

As an Officer of Parliament, the Evaluator General will provide information generated by studies of federal programming and policies in Canada and around the world. A stronger evidence base for debate in Parliament will ultimately lead to better programs and policies and thus more effective use of public funds.

* * *